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Sunday, 30 July 2023 04:48

Kansept Knives Korvid M and Mini Korvid

I was recently approached about reviewing some knives from a company called Kansept- and if you haven't heard of them, you may want to consider looking into them.  They use a similar model to CRKT in that they collaborate with different designers and produce the results.  They were nice enough to send me a few versions of their Korvid knives, designed by Justin Koch of Koch Tools.

Before I get started, I want to send Kansept a shout out for the great packaging.  The box is beautiful, and well suited to a higher end product.  And, while these knives may have been made in China, I think we all know that phrase is no longer a buzzword (phrase?) for terrible products.  What follows is just my initial impressions, with full reviews to follow after I have managed to put some mileage on each of these- and I guarantee there will be some mileage as I am really digging these ones.

But I'm getting ahead of myself....

These three knives are all variations of the same knife and are small, folding cleaver type knives.  The Korvid M mdels also include pocket clips and are opened either with the ambidextrous thumb studs or the flipper, while the Mini Korvid lacks a pocket clip and thumstuds, meaning it can only be opened with the flipper.

Resizer 169071915565943

Resizer 169071915573245

Resizer 169071915580247

Resizer 169071915558641


I say they are opened with the flippers or thumb studs, but in reality, so much of this blade sticks out when closed (the spine of the blade, not the dangerous bit!) that when drawing, the spine of the blade functions very much like the Emerson Wave, catching your pocket on the way out and opening the blade for you.

This is a great feature, provided that you know it is there- I found out the hard way and almost gave myself a home made appendectomy.  I do not recommend this.

Starting with the bright green version, with the catchy name of T2030A8 this knife has some very nice attributes.

The black coated blade is stonewashed, and is actually TiNi, and so shouldn't scratch very easily.  The steel underneath is 154cm and comes wicked sharp.  While 154cm may not be the latest and/or greatest super steel, it has been around long enough to prove itself as a versatile steel that does the job. 

Keeping up the nice materials, the handle is bright green G-10 and is textured for a very secure feeling grip.

Resizer 169071915545837

Resizer 169071915530333

Resizer 169071915552539

Resizer 169071915538035

The thumb stud is a bit too recessed to get a good purchase on for opening the knife, but it can be done with a little effort.  Because of this, I usually opt for the flipper for snapping the blade open. 

And, once open, the liner lock snaps into place securely, and I have yet to detect any play in it.  Bear in mind, it's also brand new still, and hasn't seen much action, so I will reserve judgement for a little while at least!

As mentioned, the fuller on the blade can also act as a Wave, opening it automatically when drawn, although this is something you may want to practice with for a bit before actually relying on.

This one seems like a really nice knife- initial impressions are good- it feels nice, it opens nice, it locks nice, and I really do love the color.  The stonewashed blade is also very nice, if you are into the aesthetics of blades and not just the functionability- hear me Instagram people?  This would look lovely in your feed next to your caramel latte!  

Resizer 169071915523231

Resizer 169071915517129

Resizer 169071915510727

Resizer 169071915505225


Moving on to the Mini Korvid T3030A2, which is designed, I believe, as a keychain knife.

Like it's bigger brother it has a black TiNi coated 154cm blade and G10 handle scales, but, as I mentioned above, it lacks the pocket clip and thumb stud.  This is probably because the pocket clip would take up a full 50% of the knife, and there wouldn't be much leverage to use the studs.

In fact, I would say this one snaps open and locks maybe two out of every three times, because it is pretty small.  I am sure with practice I could bring that up to 100% of the time, but in my initial fiddling (and remember, this is just my initial impressions- a full review will come later) it is either too awkward because of it's size or it just doesn't have the mass to open as smoothly as the Korvid M above.

That having been said, for  a small blade (VERY small blade!) it does feel remarkably sturdy, which is no surprise given there is so much of it.

Resizer 169071915498823

Resizer 169071915490021

Resizer 169071915482419

Resizer 169071915463213


It is  cute little thing and I feel like the quality is there (again, time will tell!) but I am not sure it would replace a small Opinel on my keys.  At least, that's how I feel now- I have been wrong before (so wrong, so many times) and I am willing to do it again.

It is a nice little knife to be sure, and I feel like it would definitely do any job required of it, even though due to the style of blade it is, there is only a 1 inch (25mm ish) cutting surface.

In fact, this brings up a thought I have had for a while, looking at many popular knives of today.

In the old days knife designers used to design as much blade as they could get to fit inside the handle, while nowadays the trend seems to be fitting an ungodly, massive blade into a handle just big enough to cover the cutting edge and no more.

I don't really have anything against this new look at knives, but it is kind f a col thing to talk about, and, well, this is a forum after all.

Resizer 169071915470415

Resizer 169071915476817

Resizer 169071915457311

Resizer 16907191544217


Last up is the Korvid M 2030A1 which is basically the same as the first one, but with different scales (bi-color G10) and the blade isn't stonewashed.

The different color scales really make this one stand out I think, and the all black hardware coupled with olive and black scales will delight your inner ninja in ways that you never considered before.

As there is nothing functionally to say about this one that wasn't said above, I am going to get to some observations about these knives.

I like these- they do feel like very good knives and they function very nicely.  I am looking forward to using these a lot more and seeing if they are really up to the standard set by companies like Cold Steel, CRKT, Benchmade and Spyderco.  Given the price of these knives ($65 for the M knives and $60 for the Mini), I will be very impressed if they can hold up.

That said, I have small hands, and the Korvid M is a three finger knife at best.  There is a larger version, called the Korvid XL, but I don't have one of those to try.  If you have larger hands, you may want to avoid the Korvid M and/or the Mini Korvid and try the XL.

I would also point out that the small finger choil between the flipper and blade should be considered for decorative purposes only- I can get a finger in there (barely) when I choke up on the blade, but the pivot end of the cutting edge is dangerously close to letting the pretty red stuff out of my fingers.  You can do it, or at least I can with my dainty digits, but I wouldn't recommend it.  If it was something I was going to do a lot I would consider grinding away that point just a little bit- enough to get my finger in there safely, but not enough to make it easy for my fingers to slip into the business area.

Resizer 16907191542103

Resizer 16907191545029

Resizer 16907191543435

Resizer 16907191541221




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