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Thursday, 04 August 2016 14:01

I like Big Trucks and I Cannot Lie

Written by

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With all due respect to Sir Mixalot, I have a deep fascination with trucks. To me, a good truck is a vehicular multitool- it carries anything you need and manages both highways and dirt tracks with relative ease no matter the weather.


Working is what trucks do best- nowadays many trucks may be a status symbol or accessory, but traditionally trucks are workman’s vehicles, maintained as much as necessary, but used primarily for hauling, toting and generally getting dirty. You just have to respect an old truck when you see it on the road, as you know it has worked hard and is ready for more.20160801 130747 resized by AVG Image Shrinker

While on a recent trip to a small town in Northern Ontario I came across a couple of exceptional examples of how to do trucks right.

Unfortunately I didn’t have an opportunity to talk to the owners, but these trucks say all they need to on their own. These trucks are designed to work, and they are ready and equipped to do just that.

I couldn’t help but enjoy these trucks, and it has once again ignited my desire to get a Unimog or similar… someday. Meanwhile, my Jeep will have to do, and my Sidekick will do it’s best to keep it running smoothly!20160803 125822 resized by AVG Image Shrinker

Grant Lamontagne

As the founder of Multitool.org Grant has been a collector of Swiss Army Knives and multitools for over 25 years, and a user for over 40 years. 

With a day job working in the field, either out in the woods or on industrial sites, Grant uses tools every day for all manner of different purposes.

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