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Tuesday, 11 June 2024 02:19

Tenable Prometheus Featured

Written by

Kansept Knives, the incredible manufacturer out of Yangjiang, has been a major player in the industry for the last four years. They've created a team with more than 20 years of experience in the knife industry. At the same time, they established a strong Research & Development department to continuously design the most ergonomic, innovative, and high-quality in-house knives. Combine that with award-winning collaborations, and you've got a recipe for success.

The public loves what Kansept is doing, but their knives don't reach everyone's budget. So the team put their heads together and created a new line called Tenable. This line of knives takes those award-winning designs and manufactures them at a price point everyone can afford. The name of the company means: "able to be maintained or defended against attack or objection." Seems fitting I think. Today, we're checking out one of the two new releases from this line, the Prometheus.


In Greek mythology, Prometheus is one of the Titans, the supreme trickster, and a god of fire. He was associated with the creation of mortals and giving them fire. The design was initially conceived as one of D.O.C.K.'s (Dmitry Osarenko Custom Knives) first designs. It underwent significant refinement in 2020, resulting in a more compact size, improved mechanics, and enhanced ergonomics. It was such a popular design for Kansept that it felt like a perfect choice for the new line.


The Prometheus is a liner lock folder with micarta scales and a bearing pivot. It's a decent-sized EDC knife with an overall length of 7.61" and a blade length of 3.29". The handle is quite comfortable with a four-finger grip. There's no jimping on the thumb ramp, but it feels good. I tend to be a fan of the extra grip, but many designs don't incorporate it, and it's a nice change. The finger guard, combined with the jimping on the back of the flipper tab, helps keep your fingers from moving too far forward during a thrust. The handle ergonomics are spot on, being comfortable in a variety of holds. The milled area in the handle begs for an inlay of some kind. It feels like a design choice that missed the potential to be amazing. The pop of color on the pivot is a nice touch and helps break up the color of the handle. The micarta is beautiful, feeling like worn denim. Micarta has become, single-handedly, my favorite handle material. For so long, I was a titanium junkie, but the warmth and feel that micarta offers are second to none.


On the reverse, and right-handed only, we have a titanium pocket clip. Not being completely ambidextrous sucks for those southpaws. It's unusual to see a titanium milled clip on a knife in this budget range. There are some companies that have produced a Ti clip in this range, but they are poorly done in my opinion. This clip is perfectly executed with just the right amount of tension.



The blade on the Prometheus is a drop point in 14C28N. I beg to differ with the blade shape; to me, it's more of a sheepsfoot, with the relatively flat belly. The shape, like many I've reviewed lately, screams utility. I've been using my knives not only for general EDC stuff but as a box cutter at work as well. Blade shapes with precise, robust tips make them perfect for opening and breaking down boxes. I will also tray cut windows in boxes for displays; that precise tip allows me to control the depth of my cut so I won't cut the product. The flat grind makes it an excellent performer, zipping through material with ease. And the 14C28N steel, which is becoming a standard in the industry next to D2, is a solid performer. Deployment is done via a flipper tab. There is a bit of jimping on the tab, just enough to make this small tab easy to grip.


The Prometheus is a well-balanced everyday carry blade and a perfect choice for the new Tennable lineup. It's comfortable, easy to use, and maintain. Coming in at a price that's almost one-third the price of its Kansept counterpart, it's in that sweet spot for a budget knife. If you're hankering for a new blade, the Prometheus would be an excellent choice.

David Bowen

As Co Founder of Multitool.org David has been a multitool enthusaist since the 90's.  David has always been fascinated with the design inginuity and uselfulness of multitools.

David is always looking forward to what's new in the industry and how the humble multitool continues to evolve as it radically changes and improves the lives of users.

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