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Wednesday, 27 June 2007 00:39

SureFire Delta EW-04

In a world dominated by multitools and tactical knives, the demand is becoming greater for knives that could very well be called “super knives” and are being favored over the once popular pocket knives our dads and grandfathers carried. It used to be about simplicity, nothing warmed your heart like warm jigged bone handle with nickel silver bolsters and that ever popular carbon steel blade. Now we want knives that can go a week of hard use without sharpening, using more and more super steels as well as space age handle materials like g10, carbon fiber and titanium. Many manufacturers have been able to stand up to what the public wants and have flooded the market with tactical knives that are not only combat worthy but work great for those individuals that need a low maintenance EDC.

SureFire Delta EW-04

Published in Knives
Friday, 12 October 2007 21:18

Sure Fire Delta EW-04 Long Term Review

My initial feelings and thoughts on the Delta knife were mixed, the knife as intended works wonderfully but I concluded that the add on features of the knife were more gimmick than something that was planned and well thought out. Some manufacturers make a product and rush it to market without fully testing the product or putting it in a real world situation to see how the tool/knife will hold up. Having carried the Delta now for six months I figure a follow-up should be in order, having since releasing the Delta model EW-O4 Sure Fire has released two new knives.

Sure Fire Delta EW-04

Published in Knives
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