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Sunday, 16 June 2024 17:41

Vosteed Acorn

I'm generally a fan of mid-sized knives, but it's hard to ignore the fantastic smaller folders on the market right now. Vosteed has been a leader in this area thanks to their mini models. With designs like the Chipmunk, it's a standalone product rather than a smaller version of an existing model. A newcomer to the Vosteed lineup is the Acorn. The company describes the Acorn as "Our way of expressing gratitude to our valued supporters through a high-quality, budget-friendly knife." Let's get cracking and check out the new Acorn.


Published in Knives
Friday, 24 May 2024 15:51

Vosteed Talarurus

Tromping around the Cretaceous period, the Talarurus thrives. Heavily armored, with a club on its tail it was built like a tank. That was 89 million years ago, but this tough thunder lizard still roams today. Enter the Talarurus, a new knife for 2024 from the folks at Vosteed. These guys normally name their products after modern animals, but seems the company is going way back, using dinos for inspiration. Oddly enough, their new Ankylo is really short for ankylosaurus which is in the same family as the Talarurus. Anyways, enough talk about dinosaurs let talk knives.


Published in Knives
Friday, 24 May 2024 15:30

Vosteed Hedgehog

What's blue, and quicker than an egg-shaped villain? No, not Sonic but another hedgehog who's stealing the spotlight! Vosteed continues to come up with creative names for their products, and this is no exception. Hedgehogs are unique critters, having many things that make it special in the animal kingdom. This new knife from the creative mind of Yue Dong, has many cool features that make it special too.


Published in Knives
Wednesday, 10 April 2024 02:23

Vosteed Ankylo

The guys at Vosteed never cease to amaze me. They are a company that's constantly breaking the mold and pushing the envelope. Co-founder and in-house designer Yue Dong is the wizard behind a lot of what the company produces. Having worked at Kizer as a product development director, he knows what it takes to bring something from concept to completion. A very large project that he's been working on has just been released on Kickstarter. Dubbed the Ankylo after the Ankylosaurus dinosaur that lived about 68 million years ago, this knife is the embodiment of of its namesake.

20240407 163626

Published in Knives
Sunday, 03 March 2024 12:30

Vosteed mini Labrador

Vosteed is an innovator, and they are constantly pushing the boundaries rather than resting on their laurels. Whether it be new and interesting designs or creating new locking mechanisms for future releases like the Ankylo Racoon. This new release from the company is both a first and a mini variation of a popular model, the Labrador. Mini versions are popular with customers because it gives that same feel as the full-size version in a more compact form.

The mini-Labrador comes with a blade of 14C28N that's 2.73", a titanium handle that's 3.5", and an overall of 6.23". This cute yet capable package comes in at a feather light weight of 1.93oz. There's a lot going on with this mini, and good thing really do come in small packages. Let's take a look at what makes this Labrador man's best friend.


Published in Knives
Sunday, 03 March 2024 17:18

Vosteed Thornton

Wayne Thornton of Wayne's Sharp World has been covering the knife scene for a few years. His love for knives has spawned a collaboration with Vosteed Knives. Wayne worked with the company to produce a knife that pays homage to his grandfather, Wayne Thornton Walter, along with his love for aviation and travel. His grandfather was a mechanical squad leader for aircraft in the Solomon and Philippine Islands during World War II. Wayne designed the knife to capture that love and wanderlust spirit. Hoping that this knife will make a great companion, taking you on many adventures.


Published in Knives
Sunday, 03 March 2024 06:54

Vosteed Corgi Pup

One of the most beloved designs in the Vosteed lineup is the Corgi. It's classy look, clean lines, and multiple deployments make this fidget friendly knife a hit with crowd. It was only a matter of time before the company decided to give this canine themed cutlery the mini treatment. Vosteed fans love the minis of thier full sized counterparts, they're great for those who like a particular design but are looking for something a little smaller. However with those who collect it's kind of like Pokemon and they've gotta catch em all .


Published in Knives
Saturday, 03 February 2024 03:42

Vosteed Racoon in aluminum

One hallmark of any good knife company is the ability to produce limited editions and runs that are unique to the model. Vosteed is one of those companies; they've got more variants than Marvel has Loki. Not long ago, we checked out the White Mountain Knives exclusive Raccoon with a crossbar lock and frag pattern micarta. This release isn't exclusive to WMK but is limited in number. Today, we're checking out the Raccoon in aluminum.


Published in Knives
Friday, 02 February 2024 01:02

Vosteed Chipmunk

The people at Vosteed are always busy releasing new products. Although it may seem like they release something new every month, I know this is an exaggeration. During the Christmas season, I received a package from Vosteed that contained a variety of items, including a new knife called the Chipmunk.


Published in Knives
Saturday, 13 January 2024 22:13

Vosteed Griffin

The guys at Vosteed have once again collaborated with R.S. Knifeworks (Rob Saniscalchi)’s to bring a design of his to the masses. Dubbed the Griffin, it features a hawkbill that's 3.49" and made from the 14C28N. The blade shape (hawkbill) is great for draw cuts, breaking down cardboard, and anything that would require a slashing motion. Because of its curved belly, it's even great for things like stripping wires or horticulture.

Resizer 17052375132971

Published in Knives
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