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Saturday, 02 December 2006 16:38

Gerber Auto Recoil Auto-Plier Review

Written by Damota

I got this because of the outside opening blade, I thought it could replace my EDC knife only to find it was nigh on impossible to open the blade one handed, the blade looks as though it was stamped out from a sheet and the finger holes are beveled in so my finger could not get a grip secure enough for me to open the blades. I got out the trusty Dremmel and put some cross hatching on the blade above the finger holes and it is now possible to open the tools one handed, when you get the outer blades half open it releases the lock of the inside tool and it too can then be opened easily.

Gerber Auto Recoil

On the handle without the Button release there is a nice wharncliffe type blade with a straight edge, behind is a blade with a Philips screw driver, Bottle opener and a hook blade, now this could be a bit of a worry because if you did try to cut a seat belt with it you are liable to stab the victim with the Philips screwdriver?

Gerber Auto Recoil

On the button side is another blade with a few tools on it, a tin opener (that works) a wire stripper that also works and a medium size flat screw driver. Now we come to the pliers, slightly too small for general use  I do not get the reasoning behind putting a couple of springs behind the head to shoot them out at speed when Gerber’s normal design does that perfectly well as it is. To me it is just an unnecessary show off design, I know if you lend the tool to anyone all you hear is the click of the safety lock and the whoosh of the head flying out until you loose your rag and tell them to get on with whatever they are supposed to be doing. (A mindless toy for some I guess) I must admit its small size has made it an EDC for the weekend, when I do not want a load of pouch’s round my waist It is a tool that would be of everyday use if a small tool is what will cover your needs. I would really like a pocket clip for this tool. This tool uses the same springs to engage the Saf-T-Lock as shoves the head out so they say do not use both together but I have never had a problem when it has been necessary to use both together but I guess the warning covers Gerber’s back.

All in I would say a good tool if a light weight tool with a knife blade is ok for your needs
Overall length 14.12 cm
Closed 12.5 cm
267.49 gram without pouch

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