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Saturday, 02 December 2006 16:32

Gerber Multi Plier 600 Review

Written by Damota

I bought this to replace my first Gerber that was the one of the first models Gerber made that nipped your hand if you were not careful how you used it. I gave that one to one of my sons who still uses it in case he has adjustments to make on his bike while out riding.

Gerber Multi Plier 600

I unlike some love to have the pliers head rattle, I know this tool is going to be ready to use when I want it, with just a quick flick the head slides out and locks tightly in place, I have used many of these tools over the years and have never had any trouble from any of them. If the handle tools are loosened slightly by unscrewing the axle so that they are loose enough to drop a little if you pull the Saf-T-Lock button back the inside tools can also be got out to use one handed with a little practice and when you are finished the job all can be put away quickly to put the tool back in it’s pouch. Having your other hand free to hold whatever you intend working on to me is an essential part of using a multitool, the whole point of having one is lost if you have to put something down just so you can fiddle about getting a tool set up to do its intended job. I also like the way the axle is almost a fixture when tightened and can not turn in use to self loosen.

The head opens wide and although I would not use the tips to grip tightly on to an oversize nut a blunt nose plier would be better for that the actual serrated opening that is made to hold nuts does open wide enough to do its job with ease.

Gerber Multi Plier 600

It comes with what I believe was the first coupler to take standard Jig saw blades on a multitool I really appreciate the difference of being able to use the right tpi on the blade to cut the target material. The only trouble is it uses the Black and Decker fitting that is not so popular now, Boch fitting seams to be more readily available but a pack of 6 blades is less than £5. The Tool comes fitted with a Remgrit blade that does cut its way through just about anything but it has a broad cut to it. The other tools on that handle are a part serrated drop point blade and a Philips screwdriver. As this model comes with the bit adapter and a few bits in a nylon holder that fits into the pouch in front of the tool it’s self, you are in business straight away. The other handle has a file, scissors and three flat screwdrivers.

When closed the plier head protrudes from the end of the handles about 8mm and you can still use them, ideal for delicate work and pulling splinters and swage out.

Weight 357.69 grams with bit holder and bits but without pouch
Length open 16.8275cm
Length closed 5. 357.69cm

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