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Tuesday, 14 March 2006 12:55

Leatherman Super Tool 200 Review

Written by David Bowen

The Supertool for the longest time has been the largest and strongest of their multitool line; people swore by it and would use nothing else for professional use on the job.

Leatherman SuperTool 200

Perhaps the largest Leatherman made, the SuperTool was a giant among multitools

However this tool had the same problem that all the original tools exhibited the dreaded handles without rounded edges. The original Supertool was also the first leatherman tool to feature locking tools, no need to worry about something folding in on you. Of course this also had its drawback; you had to pull another tool out of the handle enough to put pressure on the lock to release the other tool. This original format of the supertool has been discontinued and replaced by a new and improved model featuring design changes which were first introduced on the Pulse .

Leatherman SuperTool 200

Leatherman SuperTool 200

The dreaded handles

Now featuring rolled handles edges and the pulses thumb rocker locking system they have made the monster of their tool line even more impressive and something to contend with. I took this tool out for a beating to see if it would be as much of a joy to use as its smaller brother the Pulse.

Leatherman SuperTool 200

The handles were comfortable and defiantly an improvement over the original supertool and now even more torque and power can be applied that before. The pivot points where the handles meet the pliers head was loose on both sides, I don’t know if this is the way it’s suppose to be or this specific tool was not tighten enough to reduce the play it has. The upside to this play is the ability to flip the pliers into the open position 75% of the way and you can grab the handles and close it the rest of the way. No need to use two hands to open it, Majorly impressive, as I said I don’t know if this was intention but it defiantly is nice. The downside to it is the tool is loose when closed and can pinch your hands at times when using the screwdriver.

Leatherman SuperTool 200

Leatherman SuperTool 200

The tool selection is well thought out

The locking system took some getting use to but the tools lock into position rock solid and the tools are now angled towards the center of the tool instead of the outside so now you get better torque on your screw heads and don’t have to worry about collapsing tools. The thumb rocker lock is very ingenious and works well for the tool, they may however be hard to unlock when there is oil or other contaminates on your hands when working in the field, if so you could use the same method that you used on the original Supertool.

Leatherman SuperTool 200

Detail of the inside of the locking mechanism

When the going gets tough they say, the tough get going….in this case it’s the tough get replaced with a model to better attack the problem. If you work in construction, an electrician or a do-it-yourselfer you need to look into the Supertool 200 for all of your multipurpose needs, and if you already have the original consider upgrading if yours is in need of retirement.

Leatherman SuperTool 200

The ruler on the back of most multis.  I have never really used them much myself, but they are a popular feature so someone must like them!

Photos courtesy of Inkster

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