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Wednesday, 10 October 2007 15:43

ResQMe Review

Written by Grant Lamontagne

When I first laid eyes on this little tool in a discussion on our forum I thought it looked interesting enough. A few months later I decided to give it a shot and added it to an order I had placed with EDCDepot


It arrived safe and sound and I quickly learned that the small blade is covered for a reason! This thing is sharp! Basically the ResQMe tool is a small barrel shaped device with a razor blade stuck to the side. There's a molded plastic guard that covers the blade, and a hunk of plastic fits into the separation to serve as a cover for the extremely sharp edge and as a convenient keyring. This way you can hang of mount it somewhere solid and just pull the ResQMe free when you need it.


When tested, the blade quickly cut jeans, seatbelts and webbing with no problems whatsoever, and since the blade is covered, even when in use, there's very little chance of you cutting yourself or another person with it.

At the "top" of the barrel is a small plastic button with a hole in it. Do not, under any circumstances press that button! It's actually a cover for a spring loaded glass break which can quickly remove a side window from a car. It can also leave a nasty mark on your thumb and many imaginative swear words in the air if you press it. Don't ask how I know this.


The ResQMe tool is available in blue or yellow. I have the blue one and it's very visible in the standard grey, tan or faux wood interiors of most cars nowadays, which is exactly what you want. The last thing you want is to have to search for this tool when you need it.

The ResQMe tool is one of the better tools out there, especially for the price (less than $10 at EDCDepot ) and for that price there is little or no reason not to have one in each car and/or for each driver.


Really the only drawback is the size of this tool. It is nice and compact, which is great if you want to keep it on your keychain, but I had some difficulty holding it during testing. In a crisis situation where your hands might be wet and you are experiencing an adrenalin dump I doubt you'd have much chance of using this tool successfully. I have been thinking of remedying that situation with a bit of hockey tape (or grip tape to you drummers out there!) to increase the ability to hold it with wet hands or gloves.

I'd highly suggest getting one (or more) of these- if you could put a price on safety, I'd be glad to see it under ten bucks!



  • Price
  • Safety- blade is covered at all times
  • Only two functions, but it excels at both of them


  • Hard to hold
  • Glassbreak easy to misunderstand
  • Blade not sharpenable or replaceable
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