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Friday, 03 May 2024 13:34

Roxon Flex Review Featured

Written by

Because multitools have been around for decades there's literally hundreds to choose from. This has caused many a thread here on the forum, Facebook, or even Reddit to be created by folks needing help finding the perfect tool for their needs. With varying degrees of sizes and implements, it's a lot to sort through. Even through all that, there's folks who aren't happy with what's already out there. There are tools that are close, but don't quite check all those boxes. To solve this problem people got into modding their tools. Thanks to the community here at multitool.org and other places around the globe, people now have the means to make the perfect tool.

However, not everyone is savvy enough to modify their tool even with help. Enter in the new era of multitools, the modular design. With a modular design customers can take a tool and build it from the ground up with the tools they want. No filler or redundant tools that waste space and go unused. Don't need a can opener because you don't go camping? Leave it out in favor of an Allen key for instance. This simple idea is going to radically change the multitool landscape. The pioneer, or shall we say the first modern iteration was by Michael O'Donnell from GOAT Tools. This tool features a set of standard tools with the ability to purchase additional tools and swap them out. The GOAT has quite a following but like every tool has its pros and cons. Though not perfect it was a proof of concept, showing that a modular design could fix issues people had with customization.

20240428 173403

20240428 173421

Enter in the newcomer to the modular space, the Roxon Flex. Roxon is by no means new to the industry. They've created many innovative designs and have carved out a nice little corner of the market for themselves. The Flex features many innovations that set itself apart from anything else. The Flex doesn't come with any tools pre-loaded, a blank slate on which to build your perfect tool. Roxon currently has 32 different tools available to choose from which is astounding. Each tool takes up anywhere from 1-3 "slots" in the Flex's handle. Due to thickness of various tools you'll either have less or more per handle. Because of the design your only allowed 2 long tools in your load out, but there are some ways to get around this.

20240428 173537

20240428 173429

The Flex features an ingenious system for accessing your tools, as well as swapping them out. To load your tool, push the lever on the handle backwards till it locks. This will relieve tension on the tools and allow them to be pulled back far enough to be placed into the handle. I personally start with the side closest to me and work my way outward. Getting that last tool in can feel tight, but Roxon has the tolerances dialed in. Even with its modular nature I don't have any back-and-forth movement of tools when extended. There is however so slight up and down, but not more than anything else out there. When you've got your tool handle fully loaded you can push your lever back to the center position to lock the tools in place. This lever also doubles as a way to push the tools out so they're easier to access. To do this push the lever forward towards the outside of the tool, your tools will push out from the body slightly. Only the longest of the Flex's tools feature nail nicks, so this is super helpful.

20240428 173443

Tools are made of 5Cr15MoV which is good enough for the intended purpose. The steel is similar to 440A but with a different chromium content. I've tested the various tools that I have and found them to do a good job. 5Cr is no different than the series 400 steel that Leatherman uses on their tools. As far as tools go, the file came aggressive, the scissors precise, and the blades sharp. With so many tools it would be a lot to go over all of them, so it's best to sum them up as very good. When the tools are not in use its recommended to lock the tools via the plastic locking tabs on the handles. Because of the nature of the Flex system, it is possible for the tools to come out of the handles by accident. This lock helps keep things where they need to be and avoid any potential mishaps. But I personally hadn't had a problem with them coming out inadvertently.

20240428 173850

20240428 173854

Unfolding the handles reveal the pliers, a staple in most multitools. The pliers are the typical blunt/needle nose hybrid, making it perfect for a variety of tasks. They have removable wire cutters which are a nice touch. Removable cutters are not a deal breaker, but they prevent future warranty work, and are made of a strong steel. The pliers work well in all the situations I put them in, I just wish they had teeth all the way to the end. The pliers are flat near the tips, which is both good and bad. If I'm using it to grab something tiny, I may need the additional teeth. Or, if I'm using them to bend back some jewelry it's nice that it won't mar the metal.

20240428 173644

20240428 173652

The Flex comes with a pocket clip as preferred method of carry. The clip is attached to the left arm for us right-handed people. I like my clip to be on the right handle, like the Leatherman Wave for instance. I feel the weight of the tool sits in your pocket better when riding along the seam. Having the clip on the opposite handle makes the tool tip sideways in clothing other than jeans. This is due to not all pockets being open from the top, for example slacks. So, in these situations, I've been using my Rebar sheath to carry the Flex. I would Roxon to include a sheath, or perhaps make one available for purchase.

20240428 173841

The Roxon Flex is an incredible innovation in multitool design. It makes building and modifying your multitool very easy. The platform will inspire others to not only create tools for the Flex, but hopefully motivate the other players in the industry to adopt their own systems. I've truly enjoyed testing out the Flex and look forward to seeing where this platform takes us.

David Bowen

As Co Founder of Multitool.org David has been a multitool enthusaist since the 90's.  David has always been fascinated with the design inginuity and uselfulness of multitools.

David is always looking forward to what's new in the industry and how the humble multitool continues to evolve as it radically changes and improves the lives of users.

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